I Cease To Exist

I love that the poem tumbles out of the mouth – nice rhythm

Of Cinema

I cease to exist
when you start
to think
and formulate
ideas and dictate
your words,
when you talk
about you
and all you restlessly
wish to do–
the brilliant,
prospering things.
I cease to exist
when you’re asked
about love,
what it means and
what it does,
when your heart
pounds itself
against the inside walls
of your ribs
for someone else.
The moment
your lips part
and whisper their
goodbyes to each other,
the moment
you take a breath
to fill your lungs
just enough
to produce a sound
is the moment
I cease to exist
in your world,
in your space,
in your air,
in the oceans
of your thoughts,
in your words,
in everything
that you say
or do.

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