Dampened Soul

There is a sickness in my room

Not visible

But a slow creeping dampness

in the walls

It lingers,

Filters into my eyes, ears and mouth

Silently seeping into my brain

Filling my soul with rot


There are no markings

No sign of entry

But I feel it there

Sitting beside me

Tugging at my chest


Sometimes I close my eyes and picture another life

White washed walls and a crinoline bedspread

The soft fuzzy nuzzle of a spaniel

A warm heart beating against my arm


Though that is another world

Not the murky depths of my cavern

The vast confines of moss covered rocks

A dampness that scores the recesses

That is my abode and a know it well





  1. Thanks for the recent like. I love your poetry. I am very particular about the poetry I like and the blogs I follow. : ) So happy to have found your blog and your words through your like.

    Liked by 1 person

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