Month: October 2014

The Tipping Point

A poem to make you stop and think…we all make an impact

Hotdog Alley - Inside Jon's Mind

Walking the line
Tip too much to the left
I fall in
Lean too much to the right
I fall off
Balancing, one foot in front of the other
The tipping point always a breath away

A fork in the road
Which way to take?
Have I been here before?
Will this lead me down a new path?
Decisions, never made easy when faced head on
A crossroad will always cause remorse


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How are you?

The short intake of breath

The wince when taking steps

The cloud of general confusion

Formed from absorbing tears of tramadol

And all the while they ask me


How are you?


Voices that penetrate my skull

Grind at the ringing in my ears

The doting souls that look but do not see


Those that ask questions but do not care for answers


Through gritted teeth and plastic smiles the world has my answer

I am fine.