Unequivocally You

It had never struck me before

Those cruel lines of your lips

Mocking me as I begged

to be kissed.

Those scrutinizing eyes

Ever watchful of my wanting

Senses spiralling out

of control

You knew it of course

The way I held my breath

as you softened your stature

The slight shivers observed

from the cleft of my breast.

The gentle tone of my voice

smothering any petulance

that might cause you angst

You put this in me

You knew this.

A wanton craving

Yearning for your skin

As your tongue licked mine

You saw I would melt

Leaving behind only traces

just a fraction of me

Stripped naked

Emotionally bare

You knew this would happen

I had not

I had not contemplated the loss of control

Denied the fear of subservience

Gave way to the notion of warmth

to emotion

This was not my hypothetical realm

This was not what was expected.

Yet here I stand before you

Undiscovered, exposed

Imploring you to reveal me.


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