Croquet for kisses

The moon was a fingernail
The sky, a satin, sapphire sheet
Stars were eyes softly shimmering
She looked away.
His heart skipped
A beat
The traffic played a melody
The litter, a lively lily pond
Trees were fingertips gently teasing
He leant forward.
Her heart formed
A bond
The wind whispered words of warning,
 Flowers were fleeting thoughts of doubt.
Mice scuttled a reprimanding message.
‘Slow down’ the road signs flashed out
Alas, they played the lovers games,
 Croquet for kisses, Blackjack for hearts
Monopoly won emotions
Risk tore them apart
The park railings became a prison
The bench, a bed of blame
Streetlamps illuminated their flaws
They turned apart.
Their hearts swallowed
The pain


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