Craving a Getaway

The streetlights flicker as he crosses the road
My heart thumping through my chest
As I slow my pace

Let them overtake
That’s what they say isn’t it
All the self help guides
About staying out of trouble
Slow down
Keep safe

The raindrops patter lightly
On my umbrella
Does it really shelter me
Does it hide my trepidation
Will these flimsy sticks of metal and webbing
Really shield me
From the reality

The footsteps pause
Do I dare glimpse around
I hear the flick
Flick of a lighter
I stop holding my breath
And inhale deeply
As I walk past him
In a borrowed overcoat
And tinted glasses

I sigh.
Relieved at the discovery
The getaway he desired
so often,
Only an old craving
He wanted to hide
I get that,
We all have our secrets

I shake off the umbrella
Hand my coat to the attendant
And join him at the bar
Yes, we both need a getaway
To fulfil our old cravings

I thought I would try something different today and grab some inspiration from a prompt and after finding Mara Eastern’s blog, I felt inspired to join in with the Poetry 101 RehabΒ idea of using ‘Getaway’ as a starting point.

I initially started off with the idea of getting away from somebody but as you can see it kind of spiralled into a different direction, though I think I like the outcome, seems different to my usual writing.


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