Month: July 2015

Happiness or joy

Hot scented water
Bubbles float like lily pads
Curling round my toes


Living with Sin

It frustrates me and it breaks me
Leads me on and on
Makes my mundane cheery
I hate it when you’re gone

You give your tongue with freedom
And more of it I seek
Yet often it falls dormant
Depending which day of the week

I crave your words inside me
I want you more and more
Though you leave me here frustrated
Crawling on the floor

You fire my haste with patience
Keep my rage at bay
Bind my wrists with silence
Forgetting all the words I say

Might you keep me here forever
Hidden in your lust
Sheltered by encouragement
Warm beneath your trust

Will you paw me like a tiger
Bound and pressed,
and dressed – for sin
Would you play me
as your piccolo
or like a violin

Can you give me one last vision
One final small request
Would you treat me as lover
Not just a household guest

Fuzzy Connection

Is there really a connection
Is it all here in my head?
When I hold my breath and smile
over something you have said.

When I hear the purr, of your voice
laugh at words that leave my mouth,
and look into your deep eyes
but feel the stir down south

Is my skin supposed to crackle
Just because you are too near
Should I really watch you drinking
And feel jealous of your beer

Am I wrong to think you’re flirting
Are you only being nice
Am I reading too much into this
Is there really no entice?

Should the outbreak of goose bumps
be hidden from your eyes
Ought I shield you from my smiles
And all escaping sighs

Must I stem what comes natural
Apply more self control
Slap some sense in to me
Ignore my giddy soul

Shall I hold myself back tighter
Not let myself persist
Am I supposed to just pretend
that nothing here exists.

Could you tell me I’m imagining
Something that’s just not there
Tell me very blatantly
It’s not like that you care

Can you please confirm for me
I’m just like every friend
Someone to confide in
another ear to lend

If you will, please show me
The folly of my ways
My foolishness, stupidity
Please pull me out this haze

You could soften it with humour
Just say it out the blue
Should you?
Would you?
Could you?
Tell me you don’t feel it too

Just a little extra poem from the notes inspired by the earlier Poetry 101 Rehab prompt – Thanks Andy 🙂

My first offering was this

Lost connection

The screen blinks at me tiredly

as I check my phone for the last time tonight

No sign of your call,

your text,

your email

No sign of you

Yet you said you would return

Just one text

One call

One email

This was all it would have taken

To show me

To validate my feelings for you

Instead of me feeling a fool

Waiting for a sign

That never came

I thought we had a connection

I guess I was wrong

Wait….My reception has gone

My offering for this week’s Poetry 101 Rehab