Month: July 2015

Living with Sin

It frustrates me and it breaks me
Leads me on and on
Makes my mundane cheery
I hate it when you’re gone

You give your tongue with freedom
And more of it I seek
Yet often it falls dormant
Depending which day of the week

I crave your words inside me
I want you more and more
Though you leave me here frustrated
Crawling on the floor

You fire my haste with patience
Keep my rage at bay
Bind my wrists with silence
Forgetting all the words I say

Might you keep me here forever
Hidden in your lust
Sheltered by encouragement
Warm beneath your trust

Will you paw me like a tiger
Bound and pressed,
and dressed – for sin
Would you play me
as your piccolo
or like a violin

Can you give me one last vision
One final small request
Would you treat me as lover
Not just a household guest

Fuzzy Connection

Is there really a connection
Is it all here in my head?
When I hold my breath and smile
over something you have said.

When I hear the purr, of your voice
laugh at words that leave my mouth,
and look into your deep eyes
but feel the stir down south

Is my skin supposed to crackle
Just because you are too near
Should I really watch you drinking
And feel jealous of your beer

Am I wrong to think you’re flirting
Are you only being nice
Am I reading too much into this
Is there really no entice?

Should the outbreak of goose bumps
be hidden from your eyes
Ought I shield you from my smiles
And all escaping sighs

Must I stem what comes natural
Apply more self control
Slap some sense in to me
Ignore my giddy soul

Shall I hold myself back tighter
Not let myself persist
Am I supposed to just pretend
that nothing here exists.

Could you tell me I’m imagining
Something that’s just not there
Tell me very blatantly
It’s not like that you care

Can you please confirm for me
I’m just like every friend
Someone to confide in
another ear to lend

If you will, please show me
The folly of my ways
My foolishness, stupidity
Please pull me out this haze

You could soften it with humour
Just say it out the blue
Should you?
Would you?
Could you?
Tell me you don’t feel it too

Just a little extra poem from the notes inspired by the earlier Poetry 101 Rehab prompt – Thanks Andy πŸ™‚

My first offering was this

Lost connection

The screen blinks at me tiredly

as I check my phone for the last time tonight

No sign of your call,

your text,

your email

No sign of you

Yet you said you would return

Just one text

One call

One email

This was all it would have taken

To show me

To validate my feelings for you

Instead of me feeling a fool

Waiting for a sign

That never came

I thought we had a connection

I guess I was wrong

Wait….My reception has gone

My offering for this week’s Poetry 101 Rehab

Real Neat Blogger Award


So after being put forward for a bit of blog interaction via theΒ Neat blogger award I actually had a lot more fun to complete this than expected and I think I have surprised myself even…so thank you MuskanΒ for the nomination – Check out her pretty awesome blog HERE

My answers to the questions:

1) Your favourite book and why?
I have an awful lot of ‘favourite books’ however one of them has to be

The Gargoyle by Andrew Davidson.

I think I should admit to judging this book at first by its pages and decided I had to have it on the basis that not only did it’s cover rock but it also had black page edges which just kind of sealed the deal for my younger inner Goth.
Though if you actually read this book you will find out that it isn’t just all for show, the outside appearance is actually a good visual for the story, and the story itself is pretty amazing, I would not say that I am usually a ‘romance’ reader but this book had me hooked on believing in love again without actually being pinned as a romance story.

It’s exciting, surprising and addictive, and my copy is extremely dog eared now..but I might just have to dig it out once again.

2) If you could have dinner with anyone in the world right now, who would it be?
I know this is where I’m supposed to put in some inspirational writer or something …but c’mon it will obviously be Johnny Depp .. because Johnny Depp!

3) One song you like?
Only one? — Balance beam by Blue October then – All of their songs are just so poetic

4) Pet peeve(s) of yours?
People who cast judgements on what other people are doing when it does not concern them. The way I see it is everyone should be free to do as they wish so long as it doesn’t impact negatively on others

5) Three words to describe you?
Annoying, opinionated, honest

6) One thing you can’t live without?
Water! .. and not only in a literal way. I love baths, rain, the sea, lakes .. it’s just so relaxing.

7) Favourite piece of clothing you own?
A long black velvet skirt that I have had way too long and has a small hole that I remember is there every so often…but it’s so comfy that I can’t throw it out

8) Your favourite movie and why?
Hmm – One of my very favourites would be – What Dreams May Come
It’s just such a great film dealing with tragedy and love rolled into one . It also has Robin Williams starring which helps make it great.

9) What would you be if, you could have been anything? (As a profession).
I kind of have to say author here don’t I .. though I do think being the person that operates the bulldozers would also be quite a therapeutic job

10) Your favourite superhero.
There was a fair bit of deliberation over this since it would depend which version we are talking about. I mean the comics are different to the films and the films are different to the TV shows, and then you have the artists and actors causing issue and so on and so on.

So for arguments sake I am going to opt for Wonder woman since she pretty much kicks ass which ever version and I spent a fair bit of my childhood running around with tinfoil cuffs trying to swing a lasso made of strawberry laces.

And for nominations (if willing of course)
Just Plain Old Vic – Who has a great inpirational and varied blog – check it out!
Blair King – Some great interactive poetry going on over there to read through and join in
Dharmesh – Who can make you awww or aaargh – A great blog of stories, poems and reviews

So the rules are to blog post your answers to the questions & choose another 3 bloggers to keepΒ that blogger interaction going πŸ™‚

Troubled facade

When you wrap me in your cold dead arms
and tell me that I am the only one.
Then my dear I know that you are lying
When you holler my name,
in the street
whilst I stand by your side,
waiting for the rain to break.
Umbrella hanging sadly
down at my waist.
I know you are not without scorn
As you tie my legs to a lamppost
brimming with desire and contempt
and bruise me
with the flat palm of your knife
like only you can.
Then I know you are weak
And in that instance,
at that moment
In the slight pause between night and day
I see you for the first time.
See who You really are.
See your ugly soul rebound off my being
and into your heart.
Desperately beating out the tone of the tune.
Drilling into your head
buried under plastic jars and paper plates.
Marvelling at sounds you have never heard
nor have wont to.
Stories of days gone by and feelings past
and the death of something true
someone true.
Yet all the while you sit silently
and play to the fire of the gun

Fairy rings

The dance is afoot
Music lines the fallen leaves
As flecks flutter together
Taking care not to collide
A shimmering mass of being
Flitting between bluebells
Circling spotted fungi
Rising together in spectacular hue
Hidden in plain sight
Yet rarely seen at all
Visible only to inculpable souls
Eyes untarnished by the colours of the world
A marvel to behold
If only we were innocent