Waiting for your ship to come in

If you have never felt it then you will never understand but those of you that have will instantly recognise the feeling.

Those moments when the time seems to slow and you become aware that for some reason you are waiting. Waiting for life to change, waiting for it to start, waiting for the storm to come and tear your world asunder forcing you to move from the island. The island created by you.

Be it consciously or not, you must be aware that you placed yourself on an island, surrounded by a force field which holds you there. Makes you a prisoner of your own making. Are you kept there by fear of the unknown, fear of change or simply a desire to stay in familiar surroundings waiting for the ship to come and save you. Because this seems an easier option..the safer one.

The problem arises when the ship arrives



  1. Kinda an Asian mindset, but my Mother always preached that the ship will never come in unless I put in the effort to build the dock out to it.

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  2. I moved off of my “safe” island a year and a half ago. Since then I have been through stormy seas and visited amazing new lands. It has been scary, exciting, terrifying, and euphoric. I have evolved many times over and am currently on the cusp of another transformation. The law of attraction getting a little more fine-tuned each step of the way.

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