Covering over the Cracks

Peeling away the insanity
Layer upon layer
Of discarded skins

Each sheath of dusty memory
Laying a rotten foundation
For the next

Silently dormant
Unless a stray air bubble
Rises to the surface

Pushing the exterior
Forcing the finished facade
To suddenly


Causing chaos to rain
On the unmarked carpets
And pristine walls

A bubble burst
Oozing of distilled tears
Ringlets of damp surfacing

Red rust crumbling
from the cracks of masonry
Threatening to break

“Let’s just brush this under the rug,
Paper over the offending lacerations,
Gloss over the blemishes”

Yes, lets make things all new …. Again



  1. It’s a painful thing the covering over the damage. That last line really drove home the point, “making all things new…Again” sucker punch to the issues at hand. Very nice! Loved the POP onomonopeia to break the still the anticipation.

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