Upper obsession

There was a name for it

How she felt



A dissolute desire to have them

A wanton longing


Begging for just a stroke

The soft leather under her skin

Hugging her soul like no other

Some days she liked to feel their tongues

Pressed hard against her

Bound by black lace

Holding her firm

Other days she would slip

into something more comfortable

Allow them to caress her arches

And offer her release from daily constraints

At night she still returns to her sweet captor

Though fully aware of the agony ahead

There is little resistance

Fingering the erect velvet outline

As her body wriggles into position

She winces at the first bite

Yet accepts the pleasure with the pain

Maybe tomorrow she will have regrets

But tonight she will paint the floor red

With her heels


  1. The desire and descriptions made me long to know what this feindish thing was! Alas heels. Both sensual and amusing, a fun combination.

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Yeah, sometimes its fun to just leave them wondering. So fun!
        I also love to give people teasers, twists, and let them make up their own stories.
        Leaving someone with hhhhhm? is what I am often going for.

        Liked by 1 person

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