That moment before we wake

Forcefully I lead you
By the hand
Seeking out a space
Away from prying eyes
A sparse haven in the surround
Flattened undergrowth
Where we may lie
Hidden from view
Safe from danger
Yet not from each other

Pulling you close
Feeling your weight
Crush against my chest
A stirring inside
As your mouth
hurriedly finds mine
We share a hunger

For lips

I want to devour you

Fingers raking flesh
As we taste each other’s saliva
Sweet and frothy
The juice of nectar
Drips from your tongue
Eagerly licked
and swallowed

The outline of you
Pressed against me
Allows my mind to wander
So too my hands
Clawing their way
Into your heart
Into your clothes

I want you inside me

Hot and heavy
Heart racing
At the feeling
of being alive
Being here
Being with you
Then I realise

As my eyelids begrudgingly open



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