She had a soul but they ate it up


Upon first meeting, she was too much

A whirlwind of pigtails and sugar

Offering her heart with a daisy chain

To the boy who persisted at kiss chase

As flowers turned to love

and tears, and sweat

Her open heart found a home

On a rollercoaster

Where the theme park never closed

And though she sometimes felt nauseous

The stomach flips were too addictive

Grasping each new adventure with a clean slate

Every love a contortion on a clay heart

Until one day the cracks would no longer seal

She could only watch as they left

With dusty hands and fatter souls

Whilst feeling the lightness

In the space it once resided

Her very own



  1. This is just bursting with gorgeous and poignant metaphors! I love the way you describe the stomach churning reality of losing yourself in someone else (or several others) only to find that you need to keep yourself…finding love is key (I suppose) but at what cost? I especially loved these lines “As flowers turned to love” and “Until one day the cracks would no longer seal.” Brilliantly penned!

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