Month: September 2015

Resistance is futile

When it hits ……It collides

Dragging you along in undercurrents

Ignoring all resistance

All caution

Knocking you down on impact

Then pulling you in

Regardless of flailing arms,

Or stubborn feet

The crisp clean moment of realization

That brutal beautiful force

Which inhales you

Binds your soul to its existence

And takes you

When it hits … resistance is futile
You are powerless

Poetry 101 Rehab – Decisions

We ponder this life
It’s twists and turns
Paths looming forward
No way to return

Forward we stumble
Side wards we run
Scared we might tumble
Before we’ve begun

Wary of danger
Observant to pain
Concerned over crisis
Resistant to change

We batten down hatches
And barricade hearts
Safeguard emotions
A fortress of parts

We anchor ourselves
Feet rooted securely
Thick in the mud
Weighing options demurely

Stuck upon crossroads
Silent in fear
Clinging to remnants
Of all we hold dear

That heavy decision
A burden on wasteland
One single survivor
Head stuck in the sand

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