Month: December 2015

The persistence of friendship



Adventure .. now!

Come on.

She tugged my hand

As we crossed the shore

Her black hair streaming out wildly

As she pulled me along dragging my heels

Let’s go!

Your lips my lips have kissed

Your lips my lips have kissed I can’t deny

I’ve not forgotten your arms in which I lay

Your warm skin under mine til break of day

Nor the rise of your chest as you quietly lie

Until we both move and you softly sigh

And in my cold heart grows a lust I obey

To hold you close so you don’t slip away

Not wanting to hear those words of goodbye

Clinging like ivy, I curl round your frame

Absorbing your heat, the touch of your skin

Breathing your sweet scent fills me to the core

In your absence I yearn for this over again

This flame ignited,it burns from within

A fire to hold me still wanting more



Inspired by the wonderfulΒ Edna St. Vincent Millay








A Loose Thread


We sit

And pick, at the delicate edges

This tapestry of ours adorned with such wonder

Filled with passion

Depicting all signs of beautiful life

Yet stillΒ 

We sit with sharpened needles

Poised and ready to attack any slight blemish

Ready with clambering fingertips

To pinch

And pull,

to pounce on the slightest stray thread

Eager to draw the cotton through our teeth

And break any notion of unravelling

Though we both know that I cannot resist

The lure of the loose thread

The silent pop as the loop sinks and disappears under the weave

Destruction by my own hand

Is never as sweet as simply enjoying our sumptuous existence

Yet still I roll the silver thread around my finger

And lightly tug