Month: January 2016

Day 1 – Quote Challenge

I decided to pick up the glove after the challenge had been laid down by Paul over atย Palfitnessย (check out his friendly blog & twitter)

The aim of the game is to find a quote for 3 days and share the bloggin love with three others so here is my quote for today:


Challenge rules:

1. Post three consecutive days.

2. You can pick one or three quotes per day.

3. Challenge three different bloggers per day.


And my chosen three fab bloggers for today (if accepted) are :

Joys of Joel


The Haunted Lullaby

If you are not already following these guys n gals then go check out their blogs

P.S Don’t forget Palfitnessย  too ๐Ÿ˜‰


Under your hands

You unfold me
Take this naked heart
Peel back encrusted layers
And own me

Every inch of flesh is accounted for
Under your exacting scrutiny

Eyes that hide
Under wide mistrusting lids
Flower in your presence
Ungainly hips and dimpled thighs
Dance beneath your touch
Graceful fluidity
Finds me
Under the radar of your gaze

You strip me
Of emotional restraint
Slice through walls of anger
Pulling me through the fence
Of remorse, of pity, of doubt
And raise me up
A jewel
In your palms

You own me
These overlapping pieces
Carefully constructed
To fold around you

Budding reminder

As I sit in the cool evening air

Watching the petals fall to the ground

Hardened pink buds curled tight

Against the licking of the breeze

You rise to the top of my mind



Wasted Time

If it wasnโ€™t for her inability
to distinguish subtlety
If it wasnโ€™t for his knack
For holding back
If it wasnโ€™t for their modesty
Or ignorance
If it wasnโ€™t for their fear
To take a chance
If it wasnโ€™t for the noise
Of new distractions
Or the blatant disregard
Of pure attraction
Or the battle scars they wore
Left to show an old amour
Or the strength to show outright
a clear reaction

If it wasn’t for her cynical acceptance
if it wasn’t for his coy reserve
If it wasn’t for shared reticence
Or believing it wasn’t deserved
If it wasn’t for a sense
of propriety
A shared inclination
for anxiety
Her body clock aligning
With terrible timing
Or the frowning
disapproving society

It suffocates me

The constant beating of your heart in your chest

Thumping away like hammer drill

Tearing into my mind

Like a paper bag packed to burst

The sound of you breathing

Gruff and rasping

Grating on my ears like fingernails down a blackboard

Smashing my barrier of comfort

Self awareness

It suffocates me

The aura of you hanging

Cushioning me in your rich coat

Scratching at my skin as if you were barb wire

And I were a rusty pan

Voice ringing out like loud whistle

Insulting the very being of me

Forcing me to grind my teeth

Against my lips

Causing me to bleed

Blood filling my mouth as you kiss me

And I swallow

Eyes flat against your love


From all feeling

Numb to the touch

Yet still you persist

Still you want me

Against all the warnings

Against all resistance

You are here

Waiting for me to return

Clarity of Absence

It’s just a drop in the ocean

He says

Time will fly by

Just fourteen days


By day three

The ice cream had run out

Day seven supported a floor

Lined with tear stained tissues

By the tenth day

The batteries had died

Only to be replaced by curse words

On the fourteenth night

He found a pristine flat

Scrubbed clean and bleached

One solitary post-it on the bed


‘You were right, that’s all it took’