It suffocates me

The constant beating of your heart in your chest

Thumping away like hammer drill

Tearing into my mind

Like a paper bag packed to burst

The sound of you breathing

Gruff and rasping

Grating on my ears like fingernails down a blackboard

Smashing my barrier of comfort

Self awareness

It suffocates me

The aura of you hanging

Cushioning me in your rich coat

Scratching at my skin as if you were barb wire

And I were a rusty pan

Voice ringing out like loud whistle

Insulting the very being of me

Forcing me to grind my teeth

Against my lips

Causing me to bleed

Blood filling my mouth as you kiss me

And I swallow

Eyes flat against your love


From all feeling

Numb to the touch

Yet still you persist

Still you want me

Against all the warnings

Against all resistance

You are here

Waiting for me to return



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