When you sleep…

She likes to watch you breathe

To stroke the rise of your chest

As ribs fall, exhausted into flesh

You don’t stir – yet she plants kisses

Across the tops of your thighs

Fingers the crease, of your knee,

Slips a slender palm into your clenched fist


As you sleep

She absorbs your heat

Closing her limbs around you

Just, as Ivy claims aΒ tree

Using your skin as a canvas

She moulds your form, to fit hers

Breathing life into your dreaming corpse

Nuzzling your slack jaw, until

It wakens with a sigh

Allowing her to nestle: a queen bee

Surrounded by the petals of your drowsy love







  1. Sweet and beautiful.
    Thanks for the follow, Ginni. I’m following your tweets now – sorry I can’t figure out another way to follow – I’m old school GFC-er (Google Friend Connect).
    Happy Friday and weekend.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks for the nice comment/follow -I have been experiencing something similar myself on some of the blogger sites, it seems they make it hard for us wordpress people to make new friends sometimes hehe.
      I thought I had put on a google join wiget, but I shall look into it.


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