A-Z Challenge: Corny C

So today I thought I would take some actual ‘Stolen Words’ to go with my A-Z Challenge.

It’s not a poem but I honestly couldn’t have made this conversation up and wondered if anyone else had to deal with this kind of stuff from aging relatives, and if so does it make you laugh? or just cringe like me :/


Uncanny Conversation


Oh you can stick your cans from Brazil too


The cans, that come from Brazil, they’re no good


It gets stuck, the keys break off and then you have to put a knife around…

You mean the..

You know, the Corned beef you got me, I don’t want them ones again

But it’s the brand you always have

The tins are rusted, they are useless, I don’t want them. Now the ones from France, they’re perfect ,nothing wrong with those, but this Brazilian tin <scoffs>, Β Β they are no good.

Well you know I can’t choose where its packaged right?

You could get the French ones

No, I order the ones in the brand you ask for, online

Well ask for the French tins

They don’t let you choose which country you want the stuff packaged in.


What do you expect, its tinned meat. If they are faulty I can try and complain but…

No don’t complain

Well then there’s nothing else I can do


You OK?

Ok – just get the French ones next time





  1. Glad I stumbled across this post, it made me smile! πŸ˜„
    My sister has been a carer for a few years now, and she tells me about all sorts of perplexing conversations she has with the residents. Personally, I’m quite looking forward to being a confusing old man in the future!

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