NaPoWriMo: Day 4

My take on the prompt given by NaPoWriMo

The Month Without Him

The cruellest month is upon us,
we have to see it through,
every day from start to end
without a word from you

I told you I could cope with it
I said I would be strong
You laughed at my reaction
and said a month’s not long

The first week saw me pine for you
The second I was sad
The third week, I was coping
It didn’t seem too bad

A week to go, I’d found a niche
Enjoyed our time apart
The bed was mine, the house was clean
And that was just a start

I’d lost a stone, and bought new clothes
caught up with all my friends
The milk was never left to spoil
I went out on weekends

The bins they still got emptied
The broken shelf got fixed
Tins still got recycled
Laundry stayed unmixed

That forth week, flew
right on by,
without me feeling blue
And now I’m counting
down the days,
to next month without you



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