A-Z Challenge: Extra E

Since I kind of cheated you guys yesterday and might not have met expectations, I thought I would share the real poem I was trying to write for E.

Initially I was trying to be clever and combine A-Z Challenge with the NaPoWriMo prompt but I couldn’t quite word this the way I wanted to, however now I am happy with this poem, I thought I would share and hope you enjoy a little extra one.


Building Excitement

It begins a delicate kiss
Smirking lips pressed against smooth skin
Curved apprehension – just the tip
held against anticipation
Glistening membrane
paused before my mouth

At your insistence
I release my jaw: form an O
Slide my lips slowly around
bloated circumference
and suck

Holding still
mouth filled with pleasure
Until you let out a gasp
And I can no longer hold back
My body shaking

The egg emerges as I giggle
See I told you, I could fit it whole!







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