A-Z Challenge: G is for Grabbing ideas


Go-go Gadget Gorilla
There never was a sight so crass
A Gorilla with his arms of brass
Stood beneath his friend Giraffe
Lion stifling a laugh
And though used to being the butt
of every joke, he gave a tut
Gorilla still had feelings, yes
Each little jibe made him depressed
It wasn’t just his metal arms
Preventing others seeing his charms
But his bright complexion too
A loud and luscious purple hue
Conflicting with his go-go gadget
limbs: worthy of a pageant
Growing up had been quite rough
Gorilla’s skin became quite tough
And now he stood with his odd team
Ready to rescue Queen Eileen
Chest puffed proud: his moment here
His gadget arms caused quite the cheer
As they scaled the looming fort
Gorilla was their last resort
The gate, a trap, on fire and oiled
Plans to surround, had soon been foiled
This only left the Garrett tops
Guarded by triceratops
And so the birds were useless there
Before Gorilla pulled through air
His arms they stretched: a wondrous sight
And raised his body to the fight
With his strength, they stormed the castle
Overtook the villainous vassal
Saved the Queen from horrid fate
Helped true order reinstate
Gorilla,after, in spotlight
Deserving praise: became a knight


I had a lot of fun bouncing off these stolen words today, so thank you AJ Lauer & Laura Roberts for the inspiration for today’s A-Z Challenge for G.

I heartily recommend you go visit this interactive A-Z challenge from the start while it’s still short enough to catch up πŸ˜€


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