NaPoWriMo -Say what scares you

Words left unsaid

Sometimes I feel I would eat you alive
Merge my face into your supple chest
and blend our bodies together.
To peel off your skin
make you into a coat
So I can wear you all day
Entwine limbs and lungs,
solder lips and tongues.
Press my bones against yours
until the imprint is visible
for all to see,
to show you just
how deeply I am into you


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  1. Scary, but lovely at the same time! This really reminded me of the things I sometimes tell my husband. I swear, yesterday I told him I want to pickle him and keep him forever in a jar, because I direly miss him when he is at work? Scary, but I love him so, just like your poem says, as well.

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  2. RAWR!!!! I know this feeling well…. that greedy need… reminds me of this fantastic Isobel Thrilling piece… she has passion like you do:

    β€œI don’t just want
    your heart
    I want your flesh,
    your skin
    and blood and bones,
    your voice, your thoughts
    your pulse
    and most of all your


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