A-Z Challenge: Noticeable N

Needy Nerd Boy

It was the flick of your wrist as we sat
Opposite – leaning towards one another
Streamlined pine nestled between
A barrier to others, but not us

It was the slight halt, of your step
Your elbow nudging the air
were my arm too slow, to slip
into the crevice of your coat

It was the look in your eyes
Slowly rolling up, like a pup
on moving stairs and ramps
and how I craved your caress

It was the downward turn of your lips,
as I uttered my goodbyes
That lingering hug, tinged with sadness
Those mumbled words, I never heard

It was the perplexed face
harbouring worries of my welfare
whilst hurrying through stations and streets
The helping hand when I stumble

It was the pillowed arm, or chest
that warmed my cheek at night
The blanket of you surrounding me
Protection from the morning chill

It was the loss of these actions
and more: that instant regret
After proclaiming you were needy
It was my loss – My need for you.



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