Month: April 2016

A-Z Challenge: Noticeable N

Needy Nerd Boy

It was the flick of your wrist as we sat
Opposite – leaning towards one another
Streamlined pine nestled between
A barrier to others, but not us

It was the slight halt, of your step
Your elbow nudging the air
were my arm too slow, to slip
into the crevice of your coat

It was the look in your eyes
Slowly rolling up, like a pup
on moving stairs and ramps
and how I craved your caress

It was the downward turn of your lips,
as I uttered my goodbyes
That lingering hug, tinged with sadness
Those mumbled words, I never heard

It was the perplexed face
harbouring worries of my welfare
whilst hurrying through stations and streets
The helping hand when I stumble

It was the pillowed arm, or chest
that warmed my cheek at night
The blanket of you surrounding me
Protection from the morning chill

It was the loss of these actions
and more: that instant regret
After proclaiming you were needy
It was my loss – My need for you.



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A-Z Challenge: My M

My Muse

It’s as if you make my fingers type somehow
Lure thoughts from my lips, staining the paper
With your inspiration
There are days when you tire me
Incessantly driving my mind forward
Creating strings of words that take form
Just a line or two at first
Then suddenly a whole cacophony
Of symphonies: the muse in triumph
And unbeknownst to most, you sit
Perched firmly in my chest
Your voice at the forefront of my mind

Go on, you say
Write it – write it all out
Write it for me


Getting closer to catching up my A-Z Challenge

A-Z Challenge:Luminous L

Light of my life

A coiled refraction

Cast over by half shadow

Awaiting full potential

Dust laying thick on membrane

Protection from eyeballs

Knotted together like a comet

Upside down – and held

Star struck , naked and aloft

Strung up with impunity

A weight overbearing

For such a flimsy facade

My comfort; the light in my dark

A-Z Challenge: Catch up K

Kink in the wheel

There she is
stuck on the ever turning cog
Just the slightest smudge
clinging without reason or rhyme
A slight patch on the wheel
which spins regardless
unaware of the blemish
blind to any strain
It doesn’t matter
in the scheme of things
Yet there she is all the same
A permanent fixture
Now a fading stain
but still visible
A shining example
Stamped across her wares
For all to see

Except by you
And now supposedly me

Catching up with my A-Z Challenge

A-Z Challenge & NaPoWriMo – J.11


Thought I would combine my A-Z Challenge with the NaPoWriMo prompt for today: hope this goes down the right way 😉


New Jesus

Nothing like the old one
Gone are the ragged locks,
the disheveled robe
His weathered, withered skin.
In place of bones
There hang, jewels of sweat
Clinging to suntanned pecs

I like how he makes me feel
As I watch him pour life into beings
that hang, fragile and frightened.
They way he encourages them
Helps them fulfill their potential
in a way that only he can.

I admire the warm glow of his presence.
The smile he brings to my lips when near.
Miraculous tricks, yielding better results
– than the old Jesus.

Though I can’t understand
Why my husband doesn’t like the new gardener




A-Z Challenge: Indistinct I


Instead I listened

I could have recalled the night we met
Waxed lyrical about the weight of your kiss
How it hung – in bowed silence
Spoke of the pressure of lips,
the way they sat
On mine. Absorbing my want to breathe
That rush of infinity, frozen in time
I could of talked of trembling
Glistening palpitations,
But instead I listened

I should have countered
with an amusement – a little ditty
about how we encountered
Divulged a dirty chuckle of presumption
Exclaimed a wide pondering grin
Smugly shared secrets of lust and desire
missing due care
Culminating in an almighty rush
of satisfaction
Of awe

Yet, instead I listened


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A-Z Challenge: Happy H

I thought for this one I would mix up my A-Z Challenge of letter H and the NaPoWriMo prompt

Books and poetry are both things which make me happy so this is my ‘book spine’ poem


From Fear to Happiness

What if, I
Daughter of smoke and bone
Walked hand in hand
With the Gargoyle
In the rose labyrinth
Where he cast off the helmet of horror
Put aside his dark reign
And gave me his heartstone
As the last wish
to the mirror of the Gods
And in the beating of his wings
I let you go

NaPoWriMo -Say what scares you

Words left unsaid

Sometimes I feel I would eat you alive
Merge my face into your supple chest
and blend our bodies together.
To peel off your skin
make you into a coat
So I can wear you all day
Entwine limbs and lungs,
solder lips and tongues.
Press my bones against yours
until the imprint is visible
for all to see,
to show you just
how deeply I am into you


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SoCS – Ha!

Ha ha ha and he he he
Come little halfling
Dance with me

Thinking of words beginning with Ha in this type of situation seems more difficult that it should be. And I might have written a little rhyme but I’m fairly sure that I shouldn’t use it anywhere out of the realms of fantasy writing, too much Game of Thrones reading I guess.

If I only had half the time to think up words which have a ha would it make it harder or not I wonder. After having a few minutes to decide this then I have to admit that it would, in fact I am struggling to think, even though I know that there should be a number of these words available, maybe I should make it more of a habit to scour a dictionary every once in a while.

Disregarding the Ha for a moment though, I am currently typing on Written, kitten which I assumed would bring up a cute little cat picture every 100 words, however it appears what I have is a headless female singer image, am I missing something here? is there a singer called kitty that I should know about and I don’t. Oh yep apparently I guess I should because this next picture is also headless female with a guy holding a guitar hmmm

After changing the choice from kitten to puppy I wonder what will surface next on the images and I guess that if they scour the internet using these terms for pictures then I should at least be grateful that there wasnt a more warped tagging of pictures. So now all I have to do it type out another fourteen words in order to see if my writing can produce a puppy or…

OK I guess we shall go with not then … awww  😦