SoCS: Hair

My hair is a sprawling nest of endless wires that lashes out in angst but fuzzes and fizzles under pressure. Like me, my hair is wild and unyielding, or at least the person that I want to be. More likely my hair is like me because it is messy and stubborn, not one to be trapped into a style and will break free from restraints even if they are helpful.
I cannot seem to trap my hair, beneath hair slides and bobby pins the way other women can. Those ladies with the luscious locks than can wear sleek styles and look like Audrey Hepburn or the girls that can scrape their hair into a loose pony tail and look classically lovely: why can’t my hair do this? Instead i’m left looking like a severe headmistress or a tomboy.
My mother always told me ‘you are your hair’ and I never really realised while growing up that this was actually a really mean thing to say. I know how she meant it (i think), i guess she was trying to tell me I looked nice with longer hair yet at the same time instilling in a small child that she can only be worth something because of her hair: parents really do fill you with the faults they had eh. Perhaps this also helped with my absolute dread of going to a hair dressers .Which reminds me I really should go get my hair cut, it has after all been a few years now…


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  1. I CANNOT wear my hair loose, I end up with pyramid head. Or that awful time of perfect rectangular head… *shudders at memory* I cut my hair myself these days, sick of hairdressers telling me I have straight hair or that my natural colour is from a bottle!! This is the site I work from if you’re curious

    I was always told to brush my hair, I have learned in the last year that the hairbrush is my enemy. It makes my hair frizz. If I let my hair dry with some moose in it I get natural wavy hair! So pretty!! For like a day or two, then it is up into a ponytail or messy bun (which I achieve with no effort whatsoever!) Also, I wash my hair once a week because blow dryers are evil and it’s cold outside… and I have scalp that is highly sensitive and breaks out in a godawful itchy rash thing if I wash it more than that…

    ….. um rant over? Whoops, did not expect that ^^ torrent to come out! 😉

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  2. The tomboy hair sounds like more fun than the headmistress. I don’t have time to do a lot with my hair – more important things to do. An x boyfriend said that I hadn’t changed my hairstyle since high school which was not true at all since I now part it more on the side. And so what? That’s why he’s an X.

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