Blurry Sheep

Grey dirty smears
Dashed across lush green landscapes
Blurred hedgerows glide by



  1. Hey Ginni,

    I like the perception of movement and the interplay and tension existing when dynamism and stillness converge….tis the start of many a journey.

    A curious thing Ginni for both you and I to have posted railway track shots on the same day independently. I am administering and supporting a new Blog at called Gallybloggers, a site compiled by the poetry of Homeless people living on the streets of the City and Country in which I live. A Gallybagger is a scarecrow…a name originating from the Isle of Wight, and but one word for a scarecrow. The idea for the Blog is to encourage scarecrows (Homeless) with small often whispering voices to express themselves more loudly to a world that frequently, habitually doesn’t seem to listen or care. Contributions to the Blog are most welcome:…emailed to together with the street name or handle of the author. Track ‘n’ Trail was a poem added today.

    Very much enjoying the Haiku series here. Thank you.

    Namaste πŸ™‚


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