Winds of change

Ever get those days when you feel on the very edge of change and you fear somewhere deep inside that something unknown is about to snap and leave you blowing about in the wind. You get that little unsettling feeling in your stomach as it lurches towards the what ifs and the who knows, and the knowledge that you are not in the safe and secure place that you imagined yourself to be in.

But then maybe that other little notion creeps into your thoughts and you start to think that perhaps this isn’t so bad anyhow. You start to think that maybe, just maybe, a change of wind might bring about something better. Then instead of clinging onto the unsteady branch while it tosses you about in the wind, you might just gain the strength to let go.

The faith to believe, in yourself and face the oncoming change in direction, and as you fall, you begin to realise that you are not plummeting down. You are merely being blown sideways.

And suddenly you feel lighter than the air and able to fly; then you can feel freedom.

All you have to do is let go.

giphy (13).gif


  1. Hey Ginni,

    Perhaps your quill flutters at its best when the wind ruffles your flight feathers and has you step off the edge of the perilous ledge? I guess there’s only one real way to find out…

    Hoping all’s well in Ginni-ville. Take care as you fly high 🙂

    Namaste 🙂


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