The Only Option

She went to a dark place.

She went there alone.

To hide beneath the dusty shores, wade through murky undergrowth and delve into the icy lakes of solitude. She went there alone. Wrapped herself in a heavy tarpaulin of sunbleached skin, worn with age yet heavy enough to secure her down, in the pools, of despair , that she found – alone.

After trawling through the deserts of time, her hand outstretched for aid, that was never found. No water of rejuvenation trickled through her salt cracked lips, her weary bones found no comfort in the angles of the rocks of contemplation. After a time, she learned to counter the winds of fortune, turn away from the blasts: her spine bare for the impact.

If you look to the marks on the soles of her feet , blackened by ashes, solidified by infliction: know that these are not the marks of her failure, but reminders of her strength. Mottled with scars of endurance: she is a marked woman yet not beaten.

She does not submit, she will not yield.

She went to a dark place

She was alone.



  1. Hey Ginni,

    I can’t escape the impact of either prose or image. There is brevity to be found in both: the image is tirelessly provoking, the sense of disquiet and soulful contemplation palpable, whilst your writing is taut, tight, tense and compelling. I am brought so readily into her isolation and discomfort where upon I find her empowered, her soul resilient, her passionate heart still beating, still driving her onwards to her goal.

    A powerful piece Ginni to polish off my night and send me over the edge into the world of dreams 🙂 Thank you for great blogging!

    Sleep well, sweet dreams for when you get to the evergreen Land of Zzzzz.

    Namaste 🙂


    Liked by 1 person

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