1. Hey Ginni,

    ‘A Solitary Path’, I hear you say,
    My friend, it the Snail’s Way,
    Slowly, leisurely, sliding each day,
    Sensuously slipping further away,
    Blazing trails wherever a snails snails
    Slithers dithers retracts to doze,
    Perhaps curled in a coil, head to toes,
    Oh no! No metatarsals!
    Heaven only knows!
    How a mollusc moves carrying heavy loads?
    Life In a shell of keratin,
    Fashioned for snails to live-in
    Dream-in, dreaming lyrical compose,
    For Lady Ginni Deville, for a Solitary Rose.’
    Sweet dreams are enchanting,
    For they leave one giddy,
    Giddy with fizzy, whizzy with dizzy,
    Busy buzzing, dilly-dallying
    In the Land of Sleepy Zzzzzzzz,
    The Sandman sprinkling pixie-dust,
    Gilding pathways for only thee.

    Namaste πŸ™‚


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