Tease Tuesday

Is it a bit too early in the day for this? Ah what the heck! *grins*

She curled the strap around his wrists, and secured them to the seat as he sat half naked on the cabin bunk. His chest open to the cool evening breeze, as she bent towards him, her tousled hair trailing over his skin as she moved towards his nipple. Using her tongue to make small circular motions on his chest, then taking his hardened nipple softly between her teeth, flicking the bud with the underside of her tongue. Even with his hands restrained he was able to relax enough to enjoy the small wet kisses being scattered over his torso. She took care to hold her chest away from his skin while she placed her kisses, yet he could feel her body heat close against him. She swooped in on his nipples with her tongue again and sucked them hard before standing up and checking his wrists were held secure.



Image source: Pinterest


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