About Ginni

So it was pointed out that I have no bio or info about myself

And at the time maybe got a little defensive since I had just ventured forward to put up a slightly more risque poem for the first time – So sorry if I came across as a tad abrupt .. and yes sometimes I can be a dick πŸ˜›

For anyone wondering the post I was worried over sharing was – Β **adult content warning**

Β —————

Anyhow since I have never really been a fan of the whole age/sex/location thing as I don’t think these things really should define a person, I figured I could share something though

I enjoy writing and reading pretty much anything and everything, so my posts and blog follows will be pretty varied. I like to be open minded yet at the same time I can be quite a private person so opening up my writing online has been a kind of testing ground for me and fairly therapeutic. I guess I will share a little bit more information as time goes by and I work out what people actually need to know but I hope that you can enjoy my words regardless

So thank you for stopping by to read my blog..I might not express it a lot but it is appreciated and the likes & comments really do cheer me to carry on sharing.

If you are interested in me then I did join in with a little challenge post –Β Q&AΒ will tell you a few things

I have just joined up with Twitter and learning the ropes so let me know if you would like a little follower over there too

And my fave poem on here so far would be Hush NowΒ so it’s nice that others liked it too πŸ™‚

Don’t forget to check out my links page to find out some more awesome blogs to read before you go

Hope to see you again soon *waves*

If you want to follow me and do not use wordpress then please feel free to add me on Google+ or Twitter accounts πŸ™‚

Google+Ginni Deville

Twitter @ginnideville




  1. Nice bio. We discover others in poetry, after all that’s why we’re poets. Not just sparkling conversationists. Okay maybe that last word is made up, but you know what I mean.

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