The stakes are getting high..

“I see your grin and raise you a giggle ”

It always starts out this way
Just a bit of a giggle
A bit of a laugh
Then high spirits kick in
And the party gets out of hand
Everything is fine
Until someone gets hurt

“Who left the box on the stairs, anyway?”

Thanks for the inspiration today Jane 🙂

Check out her blog here – Moonworld

Sweet consummation

You melt, on my tongue
The slight murmur as you curl
into my moistness
You sizzle and sigh as I taste you
Closing my mouth tight
around your form

You pop

Against the back of my throat
An eruption of energy
that softens to a low hum

Sweet… intoxicating
Your juice sliding over my taste buds
As I lap up the remnants from my palm
The gentle trace of you
Clinging to my lips
Swept up by a quick lick
All trace of you

Leaving just the tell tale packet of foil

There is an art to enjoying popping candy…

Modern Day Surrender

How frustrating it is.
After resisting such taunts
A whole day without you,
filling my thoughts.

Twenty four hours,
Without you inside me.
My mind in a scramble
it’s you, undeniably.

I banish your words,
Try clearly to think.
Yet the impact of you
Drives me to the brink.

As your name flashes up,
Right there in the list.
Try as I might
I just can’t resist.

Impulse takes over,
my resolve so weak.
You win and I lose.
So much for mystique

The text disappears
My pride has been thrown
Oh why did I ever,
Pick up that dam phone!

Guest Haiku -She got tired of waiting

Thought I would pin up something not written by me but something by a friend which amused me and I added a title

She got tired of waiting

He poked and prodded
“Nothing’s happening” He said.
I’ll do it myself

Out of Context

The electric crackle of leather colliding with air
Shadows of tassels gyrating in the candlelight
Air thick with the sweet scent of sandalwood
Tones of a saxophone filing our safe place

To the untrained eye,
the leash sits too tightly.
The cut of the cuffs too severe.
Our resolve too relentless,
too demeaning even

Yet just one mention of a Jellyfish,
could spiral the whole tableau.
Render us incapable of anything,
other than absurdity.

Balance restored by an equal serving of satire

But seriously,
We really must change that word!

Just an average man

The numbers speak for themselves

5ft 10 – Lets try again

That universal average

13 stone – oh leave it alone

A list of aspiration,

Size 9 -Still feeling fine?

Conformations of disappointment

5.1 – But where is that done?


All these numbers are to me

Are restrictions on us being free

What is an average if not dull

These lists and stats are due a cull


Though 4.7 makes me grin

Because you think that’s rather thin