Poetry 101 Rehab

Poetry 101 Rehab – Decisions

We ponder this life
It’s twists and turns
Paths looming forward
No way to return

Forward we stumble
Side wards we run
Scared we might tumble
Before we’ve begun

Wary of danger
Observant to pain
Concerned over crisis
Resistant to change

We batten down hatches
And barricade hearts
Safeguard emotions
A fortress of parts

We anchor ourselves
Feet rooted securely
Thick in the mud
Weighing options demurely

Stuck upon crossroads
Silent in fear
Clinging to remnants
Of all we hold dear

That heavy decision
A burden on wasteland
One single survivor
Head stuck in the sand

Something inspired by Poetry 101 Rehab – to add your voice and check out some great posts click – HERE

Poetry 101 Rehab: Couldn’t

Couldn’t Forget You

If I had never saw you
In that particular way
It would not have been hard
To forget you

If I had never held your gaze
For more than a minute
Never followed the train
Of your thought
Chasing the conversation
Between midnight and noon

I should never have allowed
My fleeting thoughts
to drift
Into your space
Echoing your voice
Picturing your face
Crossing the boundaries
into fields of dreams
over thinking actions
thrown away by you
Scooped up by me

I should have ignored you
But I wouldn’t

Wouldn’t wake in the morning
Without thinking of you
Would not let a night pass
Until your words confirmed
Unable to sleep
if you were out of reach

I should have forgotten you

But I couldn’t

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Fuzzy Connection

Is there really a connection
Is it all here in my head?
When I hold my breath and smile
over something you have said.

When I hear the purr, of your voice
laugh at words that leave my mouth,
and look into your deep eyes
but feel the stir down south

Is my skin supposed to crackle
Just because you are too near
Should I really watch you drinking
And feel jealous of your beer

Am I wrong to think you’re flirting
Are you only being nice
Am I reading too much into this
Is there really no entice?

Should the outbreak of goose bumps
be hidden from your eyes
Ought I shield you from my smiles
And all escaping sighs

Must I stem what comes natural
Apply more self control
Slap some sense in to me
Ignore my giddy soul

Shall I hold myself back tighter
Not let myself persist
Am I supposed to just pretend
that nothing here exists.

Could you tell me I’m imagining
Something that’s just not there
Tell me very blatantly
It’s not like that you care

Can you please confirm for me
I’m just like every friend
Someone to confide in
another ear to lend

If you will, please show me
The folly of my ways
My foolishness, stupidity
Please pull me out this haze

You could soften it with humour
Just say it out the blue
Should you?
Would you?
Could you?
Tell me you don’t feel it too

Just a little extra poem from the notes inspired by the earlier Poetry 101 Rehab prompt – Thanks Andy πŸ™‚

My first offering was this

Lost connection

The screen blinks at me tiredly

as I check my phone for the last time tonight

No sign of your call,

your text,

your email

No sign of you

Yet you said you would return

Just one text

One call

One email

This was all it would have taken

To show me

To validate my feelings for you

Instead of me feeling a fool

Waiting for a sign

That never came

I thought we had a connection

I guess I was wrong

Wait….My reception has gone

My offering for this week’s Poetry 101 Rehab


Got to get up

Got to get moving

Got to keep my goals in mind

As I get older

The list grows longer

Already I’ve fallen behind

But no time for sulking

No time to stop

Got to keep ploughing ahead

So much to do now

so little time

Yet still I can’t get out of bed


Something inspired by Poetry 101 Rehab


Craving a Getaway

The streetlights flicker as he crosses the road
My heart thumping through my chest
As I slow my pace

Let them overtake
That’s what they say isn’t it
All the self help guides
About staying out of trouble
Slow down
Keep safe

The raindrops patter lightly
On my umbrella
Does it really shelter me
Does it hide my trepidation
Will these flimsy sticks of metal and webbing
Really shield me
From the reality

The footsteps pause
Do I dare glimpse around
I hear the flick
Flick of a lighter
I stop holding my breath
And inhale deeply
As I walk past him
In a borrowed overcoat
And tinted glasses

I sigh.
Relieved at the discovery
The getaway he desired
so often,
Only an old craving
He wanted to hide
I get that,
We all have our secrets

I shake off the umbrella
Hand my coat to the attendant
And join him at the bar
Yes, we both need a getaway
To fulfil our old cravings

I thought I would try something different today and grab some inspiration from a prompt and after finding Mara Eastern’s blog, I felt inspired to join in with the Poetry 101 RehabΒ idea of using ‘Getaway’ as a starting point.

I initially started off with the idea of getting away from somebody but as you can see it kind of spiralled into a different direction, though I think I like the outcome, seems different to my usual writing.