A-Z Challenge: Breathless B


Blood: or the lack of

It surges
into all the wrong places
You say

I beg to differ
From this angle
It seems so right

Lips curling over teeth
Eyes which roll back
Breath that shortens
With each nod
That clench of fingertips
Until you buckle

Scooping up my face
in shaking hands
Imploring me to stop

Breathlessly kissing
Whilst contemplating
Blood in extremities



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A-Z Challenge: Adult A

Angry Masturbation

It lingers – within the well
of his tenacity
Outstretched fingers, widely spread
Palm flat and pushing
Against unyielding chalky skin
Any moment now could give rise
To a silken Jackson Pollack
Life imitating Art




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Some extra exposure for buried poems

Ginni bites!

The invisible wall of consciousness

Fantasy collides with reality

The first steps towards actuality

The future now appearing ominous

That sudden change of her self-confidence

Questioning the lack of morality

Doubting his real partiality

Her thoughts becoming hesitant, cautious

She starts to pour the remnants of her soul

Into the glass which earlier fuelled her

Her heart pleading pure addiction for him

Unable to muster her self-control

The mind claims lust a clear abuser

Body conforming to every whim

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