A-Z Challenge: Reflections

Perhaps the first thing I did in May was have a little blogging break from the every day posts. I felt it had a hard working month throughout April and at least deserves a few days rest hehe. But as for my reflections on the A-Z challenge you will find they are wholly positive.

Reasons I thought the A-Z challenge was great (in no particular order)

• It gave me motivation to write, read and blog
• It supplied me with an endless source of inspiring blogs to discover
• It felt heart warming to log in to find a new comment or a new follower
• I had fun visiting blogs and joining in conversations
• I found a lot of blogs that were not within my usual radar which I enjoyed
• The A-Z gave me a structure which was helpful
• I was introduced to new ideas on how to format my blog
• Learned new WordPress skills
• Felt like I was part of a wider community
• It encouraged me to use social media more
• Made me think about new possibilities

So many great blogs were found during the month of April and I am still determined to get through the others that I didn’t get the chance to visit, so this might take me up until the next one!

I have also started to think if I should start up another blog for things like challenges and different types of posts. Although I think it is lovely to see traffic throughout my blog there is still something that feels a little odd opening up my little poetry blog to such a wide space (I know this probably makes no sense). Not only this but I also think that a separate place would give me the opportunity to play around with things and not worry that I will lose my poems, and then I could also make one an adult only place and one a family friendly for these types of challenges as this was a worry for me even though I don’t add explicit images, I think I would rather be safe than sorry.

For everyone that joined in with the A-Z challenge, be it writing, blogging, reading or even just liking post then thank you to all and I hope you had fun too 🙂

And big thanks to the hosts of the challenge who created a wonderful event and whose blogs you can check out here:

Arlee Bird @ Tossing it Out
Ninja Captain Alex J. Cavanaugh
Jeremy Hawkins @ Hollywood Nuts
Damyanti Biswas @ Daily Write
Heather M. Gardner @ The Waiting is the Hardest Part
Author AJ Lauer
Pam Brown Margolis @ An Unconventional Librarian
Zalka Csenge Virág @ The Multicolored Diary
Joy Campbell @ The Character Depot
John Holton @The Sound of One Hand Typing

Awesome job 🙂


A-Z Challenge: Zen-like Z


Angry affection as an artform
Blood burning beneath breathless bodies
Corny conversation conceives comedy
Exceeding expectations extravagantly
Frantic and furious foreplay
Gleefully grabbing gadgets
Hopefully hollering happiness
Instead I, Internally
Judged Jesus, joyfully
Keenly knew kind kinkyness
Loved lucious limelight
Made music, marvelling my muse
Nobody noticed nicely nurturing needs
Opened over orange optimism
Peeling passion, pleasure-perfection
Quill quoting quiet quivers
Remembering regrets: reminiscing
Secretly smiled silences started
Tantilising tragedy towards
Unspoken, unsaid
Words, wrestled with
Zealously zoning ZZZ’s


This last finale piece was inspired by a fellow blogger found during my A-Z Challenge & NaPoWriMo month of April – which I think just epitomises the whole nature of these wonderful events.

Check out David Ellis’ blog HERE

Hope you all had a fun month like I did 🙂

A-Z Challenge & NaPoWriMo – J.11


Thought I would combine my A-Z Challenge with the NaPoWriMo prompt for today: hope this goes down the right way 😉


New Jesus

Nothing like the old one
Gone are the ragged locks,
the disheveled robe
His weathered, withered skin.
In place of bones
There hang, jewels of sweat
Clinging to suntanned pecs

I like how he makes me feel
As I watch him pour life into beings
that hang, fragile and frightened.
They way he encourages them
Helps them fulfill their potential
in a way that only he can.

I admire the warm glow of his presence.
The smile he brings to my lips when near.
Miraculous tricks, yielding better results
– than the old Jesus.

Though I can’t understand
Why my husband doesn’t like the new gardener




NaPoWriMo -Day 3

Well today I wanted to add a poem using the NaPoWriMo prompt which suggested writing a fan mail letter to someone like a celebrity or a historic figure perhaps. So I sat, and I thought, and mostly drew a blank at this, even though I could think of people I admired throughout history I couldn’t really pin a poem down to one person.

So instead someone from CampNaNoWriMo suggested I might use people I knew and i thought well that’s a good idea, why not pay homage to the people that inspire me on a daily basis.  So I hope you might also enjoy having a look through some of the blogs I follow and have tagged throughout this poem, and enjoy them as much as I do.

**Please note some of these are Adult blogs so please take note of this when clicking through the last ones, however I figure if you read my writing then you might expect this anyway  😀


For all the Blogs I’ve read before

To join in with a poem prompt
Is always kinda fun
Yet sometimes I still draw a blank
Know where my time has gone

For if my mind is at a loss
and inspirations low
I often trawl the internet
or read through my fellow
writers blogs, their poetry,
smile at all their art
indulge myself in stories
catch up with the ‘next part’

I like to read the Darkside
Join Poetry 101
Catch up with what’s right
and see what’s going on

Take a lesson on life by Judy
Feel the beauty in Days of Stone 
See Dewin for epic adventure
Find Jarrod if feeling alone

I often learn new things from Mille 
Or sometimes I’m learning to cry
At times its exploring emotions
Or be whimsical just to say hi

I might enjoy freckles for breakfast
Want Bittersweet with some tea
Have a catch up with Vic for some music
Or be swept away by Ramsey 

For book reviews I read Higbee 
If short on time I see Blair
For 50 words I find Richard 
or go giggle at a bear 

For humour, I like Mara 
George is always fun
I like to see what Drew writes
and know what Paul has done

Moonskittles shows creativeness
Nadine explores the soul
I visit woods when wistful 
join in with joys of Joel 

Friday there’s a SoCS prompt,
By Laura I’m inspired
Tosha gives me art & sound
And Shida I admire

A riddle from the middle 
Can make me form a grin
A Mommas view shows what to do
Ashley explores within

For musical words visit Anja 
Al gives a good point of view 
Thoughts will be racing in Poesia
Moonworld has poetry too

Beautiful words lie on whispered winds
Verseherder has photo’s and facts
For escape from life have a crowned night
Now prepare for the final climax

To sail into adult waters
Peter will guide your way
For thoughts upon erotica
August will have something to say

Ava gives out naughty tips
Sweet Violet is online 
Life blooms from petals unfolding
Wet bliss is just divine

And these are just a handful
of blogs which I’d trade time
to read, and so no wonder
my hours got lost this rhyme



*Also if you are not included and I follow your blog don’t worry I still love your work, I just noticed the poem was getting rather too long and my eyes are needing matchsticks to keep them open. Keep writing and having fun with your words  🙂

Camping Under The Pink Moon

A pickle full of poets

A pocket full of rhyme

A folder full of bookmarks

And all for saving time

A vast array of forums

Of word and wit unknown

Those crosses on the calendar

Emit an eerie tone

And when the hands crossover

And champs begin to sing

Encouragement that drove her

Might melt away to spring