A-Z Challenge: Zen-like Z


Angry affection as an artform
Blood burning beneath breathless bodies
Corny conversation conceives comedy
Exceeding expectations extravagantly
Frantic and furious foreplay
Gleefully grabbing gadgets
Hopefully hollering happiness
Instead I, Internally
Judged Jesus, joyfully
Keenly knew kind kinkyness
Loved lucious limelight
Made music, marvelling my muse
Nobody noticed nicely nurturing needs
Opened over orange optimism
Peeling passion, pleasure-perfection
Quill quoting quiet quivers
Remembering regrets: reminiscing
Secretly smiled silences started
Tantilising tragedy towards
Unspoken, unsaid
Words, wrestled with
Zealously zoning ZZZ’s


This last finale piece was inspired by a fellow blogger found during my A-Z Challenge & NaPoWriMo month of April – which I think just epitomises the whole nature of these wonderful events.

Check out David Ellis’ blog HERE

Hope you all had a fun month like I did 🙂