My Nerdboy

It was the flick of your wrist as we sat,
opposite – leaning towards one another,
streamlined pine nestled between.
A barrier to some – but not us.
It was the slight halt of your step,
your elbow nudging the air:
where my arm was too slow,
to slip, into the crevice of your coat.
It was the look in your eyes,
slowly rolling up (like a pup)
on moving stairs and ramps.
And oh –
how I craved your caress.
It was the downward turn of your lips,
as I uttered my goodbyes.
That lingering hug, tinged with sadness.
Those mumbled words, I never heard.
It was the perplexed face,
harbouring worries of my welfare
whilst hurrying through stations and streets;
the helping hand when I stumbled.
It was the pillowed arm or chest,
that warmed my cheek at night
The blanket of you – surrounding.
Protection from the morning chill

It was the loss of these actions
and more, that instant regret
after proclaiming you were needy.
It was my loss – My need for you.


Disposition of Two

It lay, soft and forlorn
Pressed tight against her leg
Breath held as she tried to ignore

They sat, squashed,
sweating onto her thigh
The clammy warmth unsettling

The prevented tense, became a shuffle
A grimace in the dark, as she turned
Their awkward alliance brushed aside
Pulled apart in silence
Left, to not discuss another day.

Fleeting Affinity


The moon was a fingernail

The sky, a satin, sapphire sheet

Stars were eyes, softly shimmering

She looked away.

His heart skipped

A beat


The traffic played a melody

The litter, a lively lily pond

Trees were fingertips gently teasing

He leant forward.

Her heart formed

A bond


The wind whispered words of warning,

Flowers were fleeting thoughts of doubt.

Mice scuttled a reprimanding message.

‘Slow down’ the road signs flashed out


Park railings soon became a prison

The bench, a bed of blame

Streetlamps illuminated their flaws

They turned apart.

Their hearts swallowed

The pain