Kiss of Death

With soft fleshy lips
pressed hard
full against my mouth
He could suffocate me with one kiss
Yet I would die happy
With a joyous tingling inside
Willing him to keep his luscious lips on mine

When his hands firmly hold my neck
Thumb trailing over my jaw
Fingers curling around my throat
He could halt the intake of air
Yet suffocation would bring only desire
As I sigh and die
By his warm hands

Marked territory

“You cannot nuzzle inside my head”

These are the words I hear as I press my cheek against his.

A tigress
marking her scent
on the bark
of a tree

Nudging against the confines of her boundaries
Eager to keep her sacred ground

I move in closer, smothering her scent with my sweat.


She tensed as a fingertip danced across her exposed cleavage, followed by a warm palm pressed against her cold skin. His hands slide down and dipped in between her breasts and she felt her nipples begin to harden despite herself. The blindfold had shut off her vision but heightened her sense of feeling, and she flinched as his mouth landed hard on hers. His lips felt dry in the morning air, and the slight graze of his stubble against her skin caused her to catch her breath. Light kisses trailed across her lips and over her throat, soft lashings that made her insides tingle. As he reached the base of her neck she squirmed involuntary which made him chuckle in delight. His tongue followed suit and circled her skin causing her to writhe beneath him. She pushed her chest upwards as she lay frustrated with her shackles. But felt the slow release as he pulled down her corset zip slightly allowing a cool blast of air to hitΒ  her clammy skin. He could feel her impatienceΒ  growing, and was relishing this rare moment where she was no longer the driving force.

Role reversal

‘She enjoyed that the most, the delight in knowing she could make him squirm. The telling dimple on his left cheek showing he was enjoying her touch, she couldn’t help but to dip down to kiss it. He turned quickly at this, his mouth hungry for action, yet she denied him this. Hovering near his face for just a second, lightly licking his bottom lip before pulling back. She was in control now.’

Out of Context

The electric crackle of leather colliding with air
Shadows of tassels gyrating in the candlelight
Air thick with the sweet scent of sandalwood
Tones of a saxophone filing our safe place

To the untrained eye,
the leash sits too tightly.
The cut of the cuffs too severe.
Our resolve too relentless,
too demeaning even

Yet just one mention of a Jellyfish,
could spiral the whole tableau.
Render us incapable of anything,
other than absurdity.

Balance restored by an equal serving of satire

But seriously,
We really must change that word!

Regrets of a Saviour

The collar holds tight around my neck,

You buckled me up yet look nervous

When I snap my teeth and snarl.

You put this in me,

Gave me my fight back.

Poured a fire into my belly

Too ferocious to stamp out

You awakened in me a lust that had died,

Fanned a flame of existence

Reignited something in the darkness

That which slumbered peacefully


Until you rattled that rusty gate

Yet now, here you stand


As I strain against my leash

And all the while you think

How to subdue me once more.