She tensed as a fingertip danced across her exposed cleavage, followed by a warm palm pressed against her cold skin. His hands slide down and dipped in between her breasts and she felt her nipples begin to harden despite herself. The blindfold had shut off her vision but heightened her sense of feeling, and she flinched as his mouth landed hard on hers. His lips felt dry in the morning air, and the slight graze of his stubble against her skin caused her to catch her breath. Light kisses trailed across her lips and over her throat, soft lashings that made her insides tingle. As he reached the base of her neck she squirmed involuntary which made him chuckle in delight. His tongue followed suit and circled her skin causing her to writhe beneath him. She pushed her chest upwards as she lay frustrated with her shackles. But felt the slow release as he pulled down her corset zip slightly allowing a cool blast of air to hitΒ  her clammy skin. He could feel her impatienceΒ  growing, and was relishing this rare moment where she was no longer the driving force.

Meditations of you

The soft graze of stubble against my skin
The intense gaze from shimmering irises
As you look with pools full of conflict
The secure grasp of your arms locked,
winding around me, holding me safe.
The gruff tone of your voice, that tilts
To a tinkling ‘hmmph’ when amused
The ability to force me to shudder,
without being near me
The tight craving inside
when conjuring your image
just to amuse myself.

These are the reasons
That I can’t evict you from my world

Imaginable layers of you.


At first you hid away from me
A quiet, timid soul
Or so it seemed but now I think
Perhaps I was just wrong
For now I know or think of you
in many shades of light
I ponder on the other ones
The you I dream at night
The strong, defiant, forceful one.
The one that likes to paint
The tender, careful, cautious one
The one that shows restraint
The you that always makes me laugh
The one that makes me sigh
The you that makes me scream out loud
The one that makes me cry
A hero amongst all the men
That guy that takes the fall
The sultry one, that says the words
I like him best of all.
So many layers and shells of you
A hard man to decipher
You tell me you’re not interesting
But dear, I beg to differ.