A Promise of Relief

Sleep does not bring relief: you sir, have lied!

I cannot lie down and forget the sight nor sound

As memories of days in my mind abound

My stubborn heart clings to times, she has sighed

Days hauling through weeks, vision denied

Voice growing weary, I sink and you drown

But whisper an echo and I am spellbound

Ethereal you become, though inside you reside

I hunt you in dreams, stalk you as prey

Catch you in situ, suck the warmth from your skin

Hold you entirely, wear your body like fur

Savour your morsel, Β alike connoisseur

In slumber, all manner of joy on display

Yet never has Β sleep brought relief Β therein


That moment before we wake

Forcefully I lead you
By the hand
Seeking out a space
Away from prying eyes
A sparse haven in the surround
Flattened undergrowth
Where we may lie
Hidden from view
Safe from danger
Yet not from each other

Pulling you close
Feeling your weight
Crush against my chest
A stirring inside
As your mouth
hurriedly finds mine
We share a hunger

For lips

I want to devour you

Fingers raking flesh
As we taste each other’s saliva
Sweet and frothy
The juice of nectar
Drips from your tongue
Eagerly licked
and swallowed

The outline of you
Pressed against me
Allows my mind to wander
So too my hands
Clawing their way
Into your heart
Into your clothes

I want you inside me

Hot and heavy
Heart racing
At the feeling
of being alive
Being here
Being with you
Then I realise

As my eyelids begrudgingly open


Our Morning Minuet

There is a pure art to it
The way we carry out our alternate waltz
At night you warm the sheets,
keep the lamp oil burning
Allow me to tread through your unburdened dreams
And tiptoe around your naked soul.
Noting your fantasies,
your self-worth,
your needs.
Yet in the cold harsh daylight of the morning
Our dance glides to a halt
The insecurities and doubts sing out from treetops
A tune we both know well
Like a memory bubbling on the surface of a crisp hot marshmallow.
The taste still lingering on lips as you amble through your usual routine
As soon as the morning air sets in, you shake me off
Like a wet leaf clinging to your coat tails as you balance your world.
Forging ahead in your conventional realm
Suddenly our dance becomes a solo affair
I fall back alone
As you set off into the sunrise

Imaginable layers of you.


At first you hid away from me
A quiet, timid soul
Or so it seemed but now I think
Perhaps I was just wrong
For now I know or think of you
in many shades of light
I ponder on the other ones
The you I dream at night
The strong, defiant, forceful one.
The one that likes to paint
The tender, careful, cautious one
The one that shows restraint
The you that always makes me laugh
The one that makes me sigh
The you that makes me scream out loud
The one that makes me cry
A hero amongst all the men
That guy that takes the fall
The sultry one, that says the words
I like him best of all.
So many layers and shells of you
A hard man to decipher
You tell me you’re not interesting
But dear, I beg to differ.

Hush now

Hush now…

When you place your fingertip on my lips

and utter those guttural words

I know that I am done for..

I cannot explain the where or the why,

I only know that it hits me,

through a small chink in my armour

Two words to buckle the knees

of a battle hardened soul.

One action to soothe

a riot of ferocity.

Just a mindless gesture for you

Yet to me – A destruction

of subconscious

Oblivious invader of my world


Our Merry Dance

Each evening you leave me,

Amongst broken whips and chains.

Yet every night, I follow you,

Like a dog.

Keeping notes of your pleasures,

your midnight secrets,

Your dreams.

And in the morning l lie,

Weary and worn, but wanting.

Then you leave me again.

This is our dance, you and I

Our waltz of passion,

My tango of shame.

You play out the steps well,

And I am a fool for your tune.