A Promise of Relief

Sleep does not bring relief: you sir, have lied!

I cannot lie down and forget the sight nor sound

As memories of days in my mind abound

My stubborn heart clings to times, she has sighed

Days hauling through weeks, vision denied

Voice growing weary, I sink and you drown

But whisper an echo and I am spellbound

Ethereal you become, though inside you reside

I hunt you in dreams, stalk you as prey

Catch you in situ, suck the warmth from your skin

Hold you entirely, wear your body like fur

Savour your morsel,  alike connoisseur

In slumber, all manner of joy on display

Yet never has  sleep brought relief  therein


That moment before we wake

Forcefully I lead you
By the hand
Seeking out a space
Away from prying eyes
A sparse haven in the surround
Flattened undergrowth
Where we may lie
Hidden from view
Safe from danger
Yet not from each other

Pulling you close
Feeling your weight
Crush against my chest
A stirring inside
As your mouth
hurriedly finds mine
We share a hunger

For lips

I want to devour you

Fingers raking flesh
As we taste each other’s saliva
Sweet and frothy
The juice of nectar
Drips from your tongue
Eagerly licked
and swallowed

The outline of you
Pressed against me
Allows my mind to wander
So too my hands
Clawing their way
Into your heart
Into your clothes

I want you inside me

Hot and heavy
Heart racing
At the feeling
of being alive
Being here
Being with you
Then I realise

As my eyelids begrudgingly open


Cold Nights

Its the way you shake your head 

When she tries to stroke your hair 

As you dream 

The disgruntled twitch  

Where fingertips skim bare skin  

The nights that once held you entwined  

Now force her adrift 

Where once you lay open 

Inviting her head upon your chest 

These days 

Replaced by a cold shoulder  

Your heartbeat sheltered  

Away from her ears 

Back to back  

She struggles to feel your warmth 

Yet in the clear daylight  

You ponder why she has grown cold 

So close I can breathe you

You are near to me
yet so far away,
If I close my eyes tightly
I can hear the rhythm of your breath,
See the rise of your chest
Can reach over to stroke your clammy skin
luminescent, in the moonlit room.

If I inhale too deeply I can taste you.
Suck in the scent of you,
absorb your sweat
on the tip of my tongue
Making me want to rest
my ear against your chest .
Hearing the life force of you
beating against my brain.
Humming into my thoughts
filtering through logic
and seeping into desire.
I can feel the fire of yearning within me,
fighting for an end to the addiction,
jostling for a cure that I do not really crave.
My lips tingling for your kiss as you lay beside me.
A body shaking to uncover your touch.
When I wake
I find myself empty
Just like the bed without you.

Our Morning Minuet

There is a pure art to it
The way we carry out our alternate waltz
At night you warm the sheets,
keep the lamp oil burning
Allow me to tread through your unburdened dreams
And tiptoe around your naked soul.
Noting your fantasies,
your self-worth,
your needs.
Yet in the cold harsh daylight of the morning
Our dance glides to a halt
The insecurities and doubts sing out from treetops
A tune we both know well
Like a memory bubbling on the surface of a crisp hot marshmallow.
The taste still lingering on lips as you amble through your usual routine
As soon as the morning air sets in, you shake me off
Like a wet leaf clinging to your coat tails as you balance your world.
Forging ahead in your conventional realm
Suddenly our dance becomes a solo affair
I fall back alone
As you set off into the sunrise

Perchance to Dream

Tonight I cannot sit here
Imagining your tongue slipping into my ear
Feeling your slender fingers cup my breast
Leaving my chest on fire
Whilst you breathe deeply on my neck
Tasting the salt of my skin
with your teeth

Instead, tonight I must dream
To close my eyes and ears to the world
Inhale slumber as if it were my air
and clamber through the rocky depths
of replenishment, relaxation.
Tonight I must know sleep,

Yet part of me still hopes for that
chance encounter
in the bakery aisle
So I can tell you that almond croissants
are just as nice as chocolate ones
If shared with pleasant company.


She tensed as a fingertip danced across her exposed cleavage, followed by a warm palm pressed against her cold skin. His hands slide down and dipped in between her breasts and she felt her nipples begin to harden despite herself. The blindfold had shut off her vision but heightened her sense of feeling, and she flinched as his mouth landed hard on hers. His lips felt dry in the morning air, and the slight graze of his stubble against her skin caused her to catch her breath. Light kisses trailed across her lips and over her throat, soft lashings that made her insides tingle. As he reached the base of her neck she squirmed involuntary which made him chuckle in delight. His tongue followed suit and circled her skin causing her to writhe beneath him. She pushed her chest upwards as she lay frustrated with her shackles. But felt the slow release as he pulled down her corset zip slightly allowing a cool blast of air to hit  her clammy skin. He could feel her impatience  growing, and was relishing this rare moment where she was no longer the driving force.

The Night Visitant

Revisiting an older post tonight seems inevitable

Ginni bites!

The delicate tapping and flicker of shadow

I feel your presence before you slide into view

A slight blur of darkness against the light

The soft clunk 


As you scrabble to gain purchase on a hardened exterior.

For a small time, I watch you. Taking in

Your mesmerising existence, the passion which fuels you,

 the persistence which forces you continue.

To strive towards a goal so out of reach and beyond your control.

I feel bad for you that you don’t seem to understand

Don’t seem to grasp the futility of it all

Or maybe you do 

You might just be optimistic

Or stubborn

Or stupid.

Regardless…… I close the curtains on you and turn off the light.

Now it is I who lies in the futile dark.






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