A Drivers Graveyard

There’s an anger residing in hospital car parks
A hive of resentment for all that reside there
Centrical drivers in neat little boxes
Filling with fury while waiting for spaces
The stationary lane of vehicle drop offs
Stuck in defiance, wavering conventions
Growling at patients for daring to enter
A system denying all logic or sense
With scandalous charges for family penance

Before the pedal hits the metal


He sits
In the chill morning air
Watching the world awaken
The trees outside hold firm
No breeze to stir them
It’s the stillness he adores
The way that life unfolds
Just for him

He sits
Enjoying that moment
Allowing himself to breathe
Before the rest wake up
The pleasant lull, waiting
Intoxicating, it’s his
That moment everyday
Just for him

He sits
Knowing this will soon end
The solitude and peace
Will be stripped from his mind
Replaced by work, but first
He turns the key and smiles
His D16 purrs her song
Just for him