Beyond repair

It barely shows at first
Just a hairline fracture
Nestled beneath the rim

The slow erosion over time
Overuse making it’s mark
On creamy porcelain skin

Pressures of everyday life
Gnawing against it’s existence
Forcing the blemish to grow

Branching out across the belly
Of this old china teapot
Weakening both surface and below

We see them of course
Yet don’t worry about the strain
Continuing to fill it to the brim

As long as it’s job is done
The outcome still the same
We won’t question the state within

Until that one day
Water will seep from the cracks
Dampen wooden worktops
And split open from the pressure
Only then do we acknowledge
And despair at it’s demise

When the mask slips

You creep … slowly forwards,
Just for a moment
Dallying the flag of temptation
Just for a minute,
A glimpse.
Small threads of flirtation
Shimmering through hems
Golden thread straining
Through the guise of satire

Just for a fleeting moment

Then all at once you are gone
A rapid withdrawal
of heady conversation
The blank wall rising
Empty space
Just hanging
Whispers of nothingness,
Scarcely an echo
of you remains.

A limp mask adorning the shell
Of who you are
And who you could be.

Ramble of consciousness

Have you ever been lost?

Not lost as in geographically, not lost in a place, not physically lost….just lost.

Someplace that your mind takes you into a world of confusion, of disappointment of fear even. Lost in a time and space that you  feel is not your own, not viable for what you need, and you are alone.
So alone and you can’t pin point why, or how or when you ever reached this point…you only know that you got here..


And that now you can’t leave.

You might not actually be alone, you might not be scared, maybe you have come to accept the little hollow that is your own, come to terms with despondency, the lack of enthusiasm, lack of care. You might have just found yourself trekking along the path of least resistance, happily humming the solo theme tune. You might well even be humming it whilst walking alongside someone, but they are not really with you, you are not really there,

You are but a shell of something you once were, and could be. A dim light in a sea of shimmering morsels ready to be plucked one by one, ready for the taking. Yet you amble on, happy to breathe, happy to survive as long as you don’t have to feel. The numbness that courses through your veins anesthetising your soul and caging your desires, your passion, your worth.
Every now and then you might feel a peck, a small glimmer of being that gives you hope, makes you feel alive and ready to tear down the walls. Yet all too soon you are packed up again and ready to retract. To shut the doors on the world and carry on smiling that fake smile because that is what gets you through…that is the you that they adore.

The only one that they accept.

My beautiful picture

XXX Text

I love it when you text me, as I masturbate
Obeying a slow build up of tension
Your words attempt to exacerbate
Interspersed with bursts of vibration
I love those eloquent virtual smacks
The requests you demand are sublime
The pulsating steps towards climax
The erratic responses in time.
I savour your cheeky suggestions
Smile, when I see you emote
Lap up your rhetorical questions
Indulge in the joy you promote
But to you these words are just frivolous
So my pleasure from you, stays oblivious.

Unequivocally You

It had never struck me before

Those cruel lines of your lips

Mocking me as I begged

to be kissed.

Those scrutinizing eyes

Ever watchful of my wanting

Senses spiralling out

of control

You knew it of course

The way I held my breath

as you softened your stature

The slight shivers observed

from the cleft of my breast.

The gentle tone of my voice

smothering any petulance

that might cause you angst

You put this in me

You knew this.

A wanton craving

Yearning for your skin

As your tongue licked mine

You saw I would melt

Leaving behind only traces

just a fraction of me

Stripped naked

Emotionally bare

You knew this would happen

I had not

I had not contemplated the loss of control

Denied the fear of subservience

Gave way to the notion of warmth

to emotion

This was not my hypothetical realm

This was not what was expected.

Yet here I stand before you

Undiscovered, exposed

Imploring you to reveal me.