Nothing lasts forever


It starts with a bang
An echoing boom
which hugs the air
Colours crackling uncontrollably
Thundering whips that shake foundations
Glittering lashings of silver and gold
Stars which cascade against the dark facade
The air thick with smog: no smoke without fire
And so the inferno rages on
We are without warning, untested
No instructions, no safety precautions
We are the unknown
A flame ready to be fuelled
or destroyed
Smothered by damp wood
or given freedom to burn
Neither way holds eternity
Either way –
Fireworks will not last forever
The choice is only to stay: enjoy
Or be left with only sticks and cinders
Forever imagining the unseen



Burning in Extremity

What I’d give up
To be with you
Is more than you
Will ever view

I’d tear my world
To tiny shreds
Pull the rug,
Unravel threads

Face my demons
Burn my sin
For every torment
Scorch my skin

I’ll smash this glasshouse
With a pin
Absolve in absinthe
Drink you in

I’ll lay on spikes
To hear you breathe
Rake hot coals
To find reprieve

If you were mine
I’d light a fire
I’d fan that pyre

Wear your heart
Without a name
Suffer every
Ancient flame

I’ll burn a candle
In your wake
Lay down my bones
So yours won’t break

I’d give you all
You asked of me
My total sum

The War of Elements

β€˜Some say the world will end in fire,
Some say in ice’
– Robert Frost

When a sphere crashed through the slumbering ice
Its fiery coat piercing the cellophane skin
Causing the lake to shatter with strife
Fire started the war, Ice wanted to win

The Ice wound it healed, swallowing the flames
Fire sent in soldiers seeking to avenge
Snapping, cracking, flesh melting, their games
Infernals of anger, lashing tongues of revenge

Ice played the cool hand and befriended the trees
Awarding armour and conjuring claws
Frost crept in, suffocating all it could seize
Gnawing at the earth while fighting its cause

But the Fire still it rages and the Ice still defends
Existing on the face of a world they transcend