That Cockney Attraction

Roll up, roll up,
You’ll want to see
This wondrous sight
I guarantee

Those gangster hippos
wearing shades
in pin stripe suits
hawking their trades

To strutting tigers
in flat caps
and skin lined coats
They’re fake…perhaps

Or maybe you want
a vision less brutal
chimney sweep penguins
miming a recital

Bowler hat bears
could be more favourable?
With lemons on faces –
Apples unavailable

Ladies and Gentlemen
You may well prefer
Feasting your mince pies
On a real connoisseur

The top hatted otter
with gilded monocle
sometimes quite fussy
but always methodical

Though boys and girls
Might like to see
Those Burberry
clad chimpanzees

Then for all you
sporting types
a chance to swim
in with the pikes

So as you can see
there’s plen’y ter do
Come buy yaaahr ticket
For London Zoo!