Poetry 101 Rehab – Decisions

We ponder this life
It’s twists and turns
Paths looming forward
No way to return

Forward we stumble
Side wards we run
Scared we might tumble
Before we’ve begun

Wary of danger
Observant to pain
Concerned over crisis
Resistant to change

We batten down hatches
And barricade hearts
Safeguard emotions
A fortress of parts

We anchor ourselves
Feet rooted securely
Thick in the mud
Weighing options demurely

Stuck upon crossroads
Silent in fear
Clinging to remnants
Of all we hold dear

That heavy decision
A burden on wasteland
One single survivor
Head stuck in the sand

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Inspiration from George

I thought as a little thank you for all reblogs on George for Fun I would write something inspired by the man himself so this is a little poem based on the inspiring words he promotes πŸ™‚

Life is Short

Enjoy life
Live it to the fullest
Cram every little bit of happiness
Into the short time available
Don’t wait
Just do

Allow your dreams to soar
Reach for the stars
They are not out of reach
If you only try

Yourself and those dear
Hold them close
And share out your heart
It will last longer
Living within memories
Than beating in life

Take control
Don’t let others push you
Down wrong paths
Take the road less travelled
Accept the bumps and bruises
But find joy the other side

And trust
Trust that you are enough

The Word

β€œDo you understand what I’m saying?”
She peers over her spectacles, searching my face for a trace of emotion.
I am a curiosity to her.

Slowly she repeats the question
And waits for the anticipated response.

This does not happen, it cannot happen
For that, is not who I am.

I am born of passion, anger and strength
Raised with courage, filled with infliction
Moulded by deception and lacquered with lies
Grown to withstand the storm of adversity
Weathered by love and stained with disappointment

I will not crumble under a word!
(Which I cannot yet commit to vocalize)

Squamous…. common… epithelium….

The words waltz into a tango, but my dancing partner has flown.
The word – Sits – Alone, like me.
it’s consistent beat to the sound of her voice.

Standing to leave, I feel the word:


Today I will not allow it to follow me home.
Today it can stay here, with her – and dance to the tune of disappointment
Today I refuse to accept the invitation
Today I shall not acknowledge any existence

Today, I am the lead

One day

One day all the stars will fall from the skies.
The seas will swallow the lands and grasp at the mountain tops.
Birds will swarm in packs; searching for a dry perch.
The Earth shall take claim of her own body,
Leaving us to cling
to her surface, like crumbs
to the mouth of a dog.
And as this world as we know it
falls – Where would we be?
Each alone in a sunken Galleon?
Or together, treading water and holding each other’s heads above the tide.