Her Monopoly on Luck

She will sashay around the houses
Glide over Park Lane and Mayfair
Yet grumble about her time spent
On Old Kent Road
Where she had to talk
To a man, that was a dog
Trying to chase a top hat
in the wind

If she finds herself
behind bars
Flush with cash
She will still roll the die
And grumble at the double
Thrown on the third try
Instead of the first
She’s so unlucky

When she takes a chance
on life, on the game
She gets a trip to Pall Mall
That’s declared a waste
She never had to pass go
Never mind the opportunity
to buy, arose from this
The deed quietly tucked away

She catches a train
Two in fact
Yet complains
About sharing the connection

Pouts at not winning
The beauty competition
The grey note scrunched
In her hand
As the banker glares

It’s not fair
When she gets hit for street repairs
Those ten hotels make a dent
If only she had none
Like the iron
So unjust

Life was just not fair
To a girl like her

The War of Elements

‘Some say the world will end in fire,
Some say in ice’
– Robert Frost

When a sphere crashed through the slumbering ice
Its fiery coat piercing the cellophane skin
Causing the lake to shatter with strife
Fire started the war, Ice wanted to win

The Ice wound it healed, swallowing the flames
Fire sent in soldiers seeking to avenge
Snapping, cracking, flesh melting, their games
Infernals of anger, lashing tongues of revenge

Ice played the cool hand and befriended the trees
Awarding armour and conjuring claws
Frost crept in, suffocating all it could seize
Gnawing at the earth while fighting its cause

But the Fire still it rages and the Ice still defends
Existing on the face of a world they transcend

Croquet for kisses

The moon was a fingernail
The sky, a satin, sapphire sheet
Stars were eyes softly shimmering
She looked away.
His heart skipped
A beat
The traffic played a melody
The litter, a lively lily pond
Trees were fingertips gently teasing
He leant forward.
Her heart formed
A bond
The wind whispered words of warning,
 Flowers were fleeting thoughts of doubt.
Mice scuttled a reprimanding message.
‘Slow down’ the road signs flashed out
Alas, they played the lovers games,
 Croquet for kisses, Blackjack for hearts
Monopoly won emotions
Risk tore them apart
The park railings became a prison
The bench, a bed of blame
Streetlamps illuminated their flaws
They turned apart.
Their hearts swallowed
The pain