Got to get up

Got to get moving

Got to keep my goals in mind

As I get older

The list grows longer

Already I’ve fallen behind

But no time for sulking

No time to stop

Got to keep ploughing ahead

So much to do now

so little time

Yet still I can’t get out of bed


Something inspired by Poetry 101 Rehab


Work in progress

You sit

Surrounded by books

In a chair stained with coffee

Eyelids heavy with the weight of expectation

The floor around you, scattered with scrunched up paper

Signs of a fevered mind, the scribbles of ingenuity, exasperation

Three mugs perched on your desk holding the remnants of last night’s fuel

Yet your words are exhausted, there is but one solitary sentence

Jeering at you from the scraps of an old torn envelope

Your fingertips trace the ink’s indentation

Then you smile, contentedly

You sleep.