A-Z Challenge: Happy H

I thought for this one I would mix up my A-Z Challenge of letter H and the NaPoWriMo prompt

Books and poetry are both things which make me happy so this is my ‘book spine’ poem


From Fear to Happiness

What if, I
Daughter of smoke and bone
Walked hand in hand
With the Gargoyle
In the rose labyrinth
Where he cast off the helmet of horror
Put aside his dark reign
And gave me his heartstone
As the last wish
to the mirror of the Gods
And in the beating of his wings
I let you go

The persistence of friendship



Adventure .. now!

Come on.

She tugged my hand

As we crossed the shore

Her black hair streaming out wildly

As she pulled me along dragging my heels

Let’s go!

Kiss of Death

With soft fleshy lips
pressed hard
full against my mouth
He could suffocate me with one kiss
Yet I would die happy
With a joyous tingling inside
Willing him to keep his luscious lips on mine

When his hands firmly hold my neck
Thumb trailing over my jaw
Fingers curling around my throat
He could halt the intake of air
Yet suffocation would bring only desire
As I sigh and die
By his warm hands

Parting Kiss

I love the way it glides
Back and forth
Bouncing between us
Our little cross to share
It’s just two lines
Two simple strokes
Of a pen
Is all it takes
A meaningless gesture
Or a potent one
Altered by timing
It’s a game,
Leaving an absence
A space
of expectation
Who will draw first
Will it land safe
Or linger in the air
An awkward mark
Of affection
Fearing rejection
Sliding between
Our discourse
Just one little letter
Carrying power
Beyond its form
Possessing the ability
To dampen angst
Create smiles
Fuel lust

Who would imagine
Two dashes
would mean so much


A year ago today

I was introduced to the idea of actually sharing some writing online … oh the horror!

Was my initial thought yet one year later I am glad I did ..

Everyone needs a hobby/ lifestyle/ workplace/ crazy outlet/ creative space/ storage for all the baggage place eh 😀


More Odious than Ode

Today I will write only happy lines

Light reflected through dappled leaves
Scent of lavender in open fields
The skylark free to swoop and soar
A sense of joy in me no more

Ah crap..

The warm glow of a sunlit lawn
Insects chattering on the wind
Scents of honeysuckle tickle my nose
Memories abound – with her I suppose


The sun doth shine his mighty ray
The earth shall heed his call
Waiting with fields pressed and hoed
Thou art so loathsome as a toad

Oh sod it


I want to feel you,
against me,
pressed against my bones.
Fusing with me
Like two bricks of Lego
subsiding in a tub
awaiting playtime
Stuck together
Until pried apart
By strong fingers
The two flat parts
That cling
Together in such a way
That teeth have to be slid
in the crack
Until they are torn asunder
Leaving the builder with bleeding gums