The Monster Within

It calls to me at night,
The beast shrouded in darkness.
Silent calls echoing in my mind,
Reverberate through my heart
And pierce my soul.

Each night he lays,
At the foot of my bed,
Waiting until my thoughts drift.
Only then will he pounce,
Tearing ideas, limb from limb
Allowing only tattered dreams.

Then in the morning, he sleeps.
Content in his role, fulfilled
Leaving me only with fragments.
Scorched cinders of denial.
Crushed bastions of brilliance,
Fallen around my feet.


Writers Niggle

I’m lost with days
I just don’t know
If I should come
Or I should go
It’s been three days
Since I last slept
It’s clear my brain
Now seems inept
It’s floating now
a caffeine haze
Neurons firing
Thoughts ablaze
Letters jumbled
Words in fog
Lips are twitching
Eyes agog
Something stirring
Feeling near
Try to focus
All that fear
I know it’s stuck
Inside my head
But please I need
To go to bed.

Preparation for Sleep


You lie,

 naked in your chrysalis.

Surrounded by humidity.

Heat emanating from you.

Your shallow breath

softly enticing illusion,

 skin crackling intensely

When she comes,

you are ready.

You are on fire


When you fall,

She devours you.

Takes you into herself.

Absorbs you entirely.

Unconsciously you submit,

yet impulsively you abide.

Giving yourself over.

Relishing the consumption.

Engulfed by vision.

Satiated by Saturnalia.


All the while I sit,

Cold hands,

Worn heart.

Silently but staunchly,

Awaiting it’s call.

Desire to sleep

There is a desire in me to sleep

To slip into your dreams

See your innermost visions

Pin down your thoughts

With my tongue


I have in me a desire

To creep into your fantasies

Replace your leading lady

To feel your soft lips

Pursuing mine


The desire to press my bare skin

Against yours

Smothered in perfumed oils

Without complaint

Or the need for plastic sheets


My desire is to have you

All of you

The wild, rough, unadulterated you

The Lothario of night visions


And so my desire, let’s sleep